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startup package

Startup package


Product Description

This package is for you who wish to move to Tenerife, and need everything to get started from scratch. I will help you with everything so you eventually can get a job aswell.


Denne pakke er til dig som er tilflytter til Tenerife, og har brug for at komme igang helt fra ‘scratch’ jeg vil hjælpe dig med alt så du til sidst kan få arbejde m.m

Assistance for the mandatory in order to live on Tenerife

In order to live and work on Tenerife, there are certain stuff that must be in order, to avoid trouble with the goverment

Everything that needs to be done, i take care of it

This is for an example NIE number (Spanish citizen number), NAF number (Health benefits), phone number and bank account

Besides that i will help you get your own personal doctor, and last but not least i will help you getting your ‘Green Card’ which is mandatory after 3 months in Spain.

The price for the asssitance is without the fee that must be paid to the goverment. These fees sums op to €25 + €10 for a passport photo

Pricing for this excluding the previously mentioned fees sums up to €125,-