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What is MultiAssistanceTenerife?

MultiAssistanceTenerife is a company that has been created with the purpose to help you, if you need to make sure you are clearly understood, and that you understand what is being communicated.

When the language is a barrier

We’ve all experienced that the language can sometimes be a barrier. Therefore we help you if you need assistance, in being understood and that you understand what there is being communicated.

Get assistance already today

Dont hesitate to contact us, the faster you get in touch the faster we can solve the language complications, that you would have.

We can assist in the following languages


– Er du blevet bestjålet og har behov for at få lavet en politirapport og vil sikre at alt kommer med i rapporten.

– Skal til lægen og ved ikke hvordan du pga. Sprog udfordringer kan forklare din situation.

– Leje en lejlighed og vil sikre at du forstår kontrakten.

– Er du flyttet til ø´en og har brug for hjælp til at sikre at du får alt ordnet korrekt, let og hurtigt.


– Do you need to have a police rapport made and want to make sure that everything is in the rapport

– Do you need to go to the doctor and due to language issue you can´t explain your situation?

– Are you renting an apartment and you want to make sure you understand the rental contracts.

– Did you just move to the island and need help to get your papers fixed correct and easy.


– Necesidad de hacer un informe de la policía y quiere asegurar que todo va a estar en la lista?

– Si usted alquila un apartamento y desea asegurarse de que comprende el contrato / acuerdo correctamente?

– ¿Usted acaba de mudarse a la isla y necesita ayuda para arreglar el papeleo


– Behöver du göra en polisrapport och vill försäkra dig att allt blir noterat?

– Behöver du besöka läkare eller sjukhus och pga. språkkunskaper inte kan förklara dig?-

– Hyr du en lägenhet och vill försäkra dig om att du förstår kontrakt/avtal korrekt?

– Har du precis flyttat till ön och behöver hjälp med att ordna pappers jobb rätt och lätt?

What does the customers say?

I established contact to Kim from MultiAssistanceTenerife because i needed help for alot of stuff since i moved to Tenerife to work. Since i contacted Kim i have received help with all of the nessasary stuff that needs to be handled. I have for an example received help regarding “N.I.E number, Green card, Phone and broadband, registrered at the muncipality and i’ve gotten a summary of my lease on my apartment

Kim have under the whole process made sure that everything was as it was suppose to be. There is nothing better than knowing that you are in “Safe hands” when the language is a barrier, as it has been for me. Therefore i can only recommend to contact Kim from MultiAssistanceTenerife, as he can help you with everything, i truly appreciate this as it has been a major help for me.

I am very pleased for the good experience and to have made this a better experience for me to move to Tenerife

Danny Solbjerg Chawla

Owner, Webin

I was supposed to move to Tenerife, and then i’ve heard about Kim from MultiAssistanceTenerife. I was told that i always could contact him if i ever needed any help, so that’s what i did! After being in contact with Kim we agreed on a price and from there he helped me with everything so i could live in Tenerife. Which was – N.I.E number, apartment and with the municipality. All of this was a really easy and smooth process for me, after Kim assisted me. I am really happy for all the time and help that Kim have given me. I am very thankful for a good experience, it really is a advantage to get help when the language is a barrier was it was for me. – Thank you for a really great experience!

Danni Osuna-Florentz

Owner, Under-Tøj

When you move to Spain your first encounter will be with a mountain of bureaucracy which is a nightmare if you don´t speak Spanish. It quickly becomes evident that very few locals speak English. Initially I tried to get through it all myself in a tangled web of confusion! That was until I was introduced to Kim. It was such a relief to have someone assist with overcoming the language barrier. Kim accompanied me to the appointment and patiently and clearly managed the communication. What a relief! Suddenly it seemed so simple. I couldn´t recommend his help highly enough if you want a smooth transition to working and living in Spain.

We can also help with the following

Rent apartment

Banking establishment

Residence permit (NIE)

Tour guide

Who’s behind MultiAssistanceTenerife

I am a man of 43 years who for many years has worked in insurance and many years as a guide and has extensive experience in the hospitality / tourism industry.

Due to my time in Spain (Gran Canaria), I know how the system works and how to do this to make sure it comes true but also quickly through the system.

I also have in my time been responsible for processing travel claims of blah. Tryg and AIG. Due to this, I also have great insight into how the hospital system works. Moreover, I also have extensive experience in rights in connection with theft and damage while traveling.

I look forward to being able to assist you in it or the challenges I should have.

Kim Sørensen
CEO & Founder.

Kim Sørensen

Kim Sørensen

CEO & Founder

Kontakt & Priser

Most popular packages

Rent my skills

15/per. 30 mins
  • This solution is for the people who need assistance in individual cases.
  • Assistance in establishing a mobile subscription.
  • Assistance with visits to public officies, for example the municipality.
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Apartment package

  • This solution is for you who needs help with finding an apartment
  • Intermediary 6 apartment offers
  • Helping you to understand your apartment lease
  • Helping you with the apartment exhibition
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Start package

Most Popluar
  • Assistance to what you MUST have to stay on Tenerife:
  • To live and work in Tenerife, there are certain things that should be in order to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities.
  • All that muse be taken care we provide is in place.
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All payments are non-refundable

Try for yourself

  • You will receive all the information that you need in order to receive your N.I.E number, FAF number, bank account, personal doctor etc.
  • You will receive 65% discount if you need further personal assistance (Regular price 125€, your price 43,75€)
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Advising over phone

  • You will have the oppurtunity to contact me over phone, if you require assistance regarding living in Tenerife.
  • You will receive 75% discount if you need any further personal assistance (Normal price 125€, your price 31,25€)
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Contact me

+34 675 018 750

C/ Doctor Gougoi - 38001 Santa Cruz de Tenerife